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The Complete Guide to Filling Out the iCash Claim Form

If you have recently become aware of the provincial government's iCash program, you might be interested in filling out a claim form. The iCash program was created to reunite Ontarians with their unclaimed assets such as bank accounts, stocks, and other financial instruments. If you believe that you have unclaimed assets that the government is holding on behalf of you, it is essential that you fill out the iCash claim form.

Many people find filling out forms intimidating, especially when it comes to filling out essential forms like the iCash claim form. However, it is relatively easy to complete the form with the following guide. This guide will walk you through the critical elements required, how to fill out the form, and how to submit the form.

The Critical Elements Required in the iCash Claim Form

The iCash claim form can be found online or in-person at any Service Ontario location. When filling out the iCash claim form, there are several critical items you will require, including:

The above items are critical to include in the iCash claim form. The more information you can provide, the better your chances of being reunited with your unclaimed assets.

How to Fill Out the iCash Claim Form

The iCash claim form contains several sections, and it is essential to fill each section accurately to avoid delays or rejection of your claim. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to fill out the iCash claim form:

Step 1: Provide Your Personal Information

The first section of the iCash claim form requires you to provide your full legal name, current address, and contact information. Be sure to enter the information correctly and legibly. If you move or change a phone number after you have submitted the form, be sure to notify Service Ontario to avoid delays in processing your claim.

Step 2: Indicate the Asset(s) You Are Claiming

Indicate the type of asset(s) you are claiming by checking the appropriate boxes in Section 2 of the claim form. Commonly claimed assets include bank accounts, stocks, and securities.

Step 3: Include Supporting Documentation

The third section of the iCash claim form should include any documentation that supports your claim. Examples of supporting documents include old bank statements or any official documentation that proves you are the rightful owner of the claimed assets.

How to Submit the iCash Claim Form

Once you have completed filling out the iCash claim form, you have several delivery options to submit your form. You can mail the completed form and supporting documentation to Service Ontario, submit it in person at any Service Ontario location or submit it online through the Service Ontario website.

The Bottom Line

The iCash program is an excellent way for Ontarians to reunite with unclaimed financial assets. Filling out the iCash claim form does not need to be intimidating. With this guide, you should be confident in filling out the form accurately and submitting it to Service Ontario.

Remember, including any supporting documentation and filling out your personal information accurately and legibly will increase your chances of being reunited with your unclaimed assets. It's never too late to claim what is rightfully yours with the iCash program.

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